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tv   Action News 5PM  ABC  September 21, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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complaint very seriously. >> the incident played out tuesday afternoon in heavy slow traffic as it moves from the eastbound expressway to the twin bridges to toward the boulevard. the driver of a dark pickup truck cut him off several times and it went down from there. and the pickup driver -- >> racial slur and then the alligation is that the individual pointed a gun out of the window and made a claim. >> the alligation, the pickup driver claimed he was a police officer. >> so we are investigating, internal affairs are investigating and have the video. >> there is a video that shows the lance plate and that vehicle indeed belongs to a police officer. >> we have reason to believe that we know who the police officer may be. what actually transpired we have to find out from the investigation. but we do believe we have identified who the potential
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officer is. >> reporter: and the commissioner said that investigators are due to speak to at least one independent witness and did they see the person in the pickup did they brannish a gun at any point, it's not clear if that police officer, it's man that owns the truck has spoke ento investigators. >> thank you john. >> officials in charlotte north carolina are bracing for another possible night of protests after a police officer there shot and killed a civilian, police say they are sifting through body cam and dash-cam footage after 43-year-old keith lamont scott was shot by police. they were looking for another person at the time without standing warrants that is when scott was approached by officers, police say he got out of his car armed with a gun. >> the officers gave loud, clear, verbal commands to drop the weapon. as the officers continued to
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yell at him to drop it, he stepped out and posed a threat to the officers. >> they say that a gun was recovered at the scene and scott's family maintains he was unarmed. >> and this comes on the heels of the deadly shooting of crutcher in oklahoma and he was unarmed at the time. they are demanding that the officer put on administrative leave be held accountable. and right now the fbi is looking for two men as a possible connection to this weekend's bombings in new york and new jersey. officials say that these two men removed an explosive device from a piece of luggage left in the chelsea neighborhood on saturday. the same day another device went off. the nypd says the men are witnesses and not accused of wrongdoing. >> meantime the suspect in the bombings, ahmad rahami faces
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attempted murder charges. this shows him about to place bombs in his suitcase and backpack and the pressure cooker bomb he set off in manhattan were able to shatter windows 400 feet away. 29 people were injured in the blast and they are relying on his social media accounts and journal to learn more about his background. the ceo of a major pharmaceutical company was put in the hot seat on capitol hill. after the steep rise of the price of epi pens. ali gorman is live with more. >> reporter: as expected she was grilled today. lawmakers questioned how much the company made in profits off the live saving medication and why if the drug hasn't changed has the price gone up so sharply. >> the ceo is facing harsh questions from the house
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oversight committee, the problem is the skyrocketing price of epi pen auto injecter, used to treat life-threatening allergic reactions. the cost of two pens went from $100 in 2009 to more than $600 this year. >> they raise the prices, the reason being, i believe, to get filthy rich at the expense of our constituents. >> brash testified that there is a misconception about the company's profits. >> they have not yielded the profit that you assume. it's $100 to $50 a pen. that overall the company made hundreds of millions of dollars in epi pen sales in 2015, her salary is also under scrutiny, that bresh made $2.45 million in
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2007 and last year she brought in $18 million. >> a 671% increase -- she says to cut cost to consumers mylan will offer a cheaper generic access and the company has touted in the last four years it gave out 700,000 free epi pens to schools and that move is also being questioned. "usa today" reports that her mother, gail mansion, the former head of a national education group encouraged states to require school to buy products like epi pens, she said the article is inaccurate and thousands of epi pens auto injecters were donated with no strings attached. >> they say that she did not submit documents requested about the company's expenses and profits per year and this follows other hearings of drug companies raising prices of
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other drugs, they say it's time for congress to step in. we'll follow this story. >> from our delaware newsroom, being informed of an emergency got easier, the state's emergency management agency and department of public health launched a completely redone website, is more user friendly. this has the nation is in hurricane season. a layer of green is forming along the schuylkill river banks, it may look bad but tonight officials say it's neither dangerous nor unusual. bob brooks live along the river to explain. it does look kind of weird though bob. >> reporter: it really does. from where i'm at now, you can't even see the water, this stuff covered everything. but again it's more than a
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nuisance, in fact officials mean that your river is healthy. you can't help but notice it at this point. the green layer of growth on the schuylkill river looks pleasant to some. >> up close you can see it's trapping garbage and covering poor little turtles and making a mess. and especially for rowers at the boathouses. >> rowing up in all of this and big sticks and bottles is a big problem on the river, have you to keep your eyes open. >> before ryan and his rowing mate could start their session, they had to struggle through it to open water. >> if your ores get pulled out of your hand you are tipping. it's duck weed not an algae bloom. >> it's indication of a healthy echo system. >> when you touch it it sort of just break as part. but the philadelphia water department says it's harmless to
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the river, and it doesn't impact the oxygen level in the water. and they have tried to fight the duck weed off the best we can. they are use big time rain to help wash it down street. >> if we get a big tropical storm type of event that could be great. >> for us it would be good and clean it all out. >> okay back out live here. we are zoomed in on a heron he did his best job to avoid the duck weed, when will it be gone? it thrives on water weather. so when it gets colder it will break apart and disappear. >> all right bob thank you. penndot says the historic walnut bridge will reopen to traffic, it closed in april so the agency could install a new concrete deck and sidewalks,
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part of a $17 million project to fix the crossing over the wissahickon creek. lets go to matt pellman in the traffic center. >> i'm good, the drivers are happening to know that the walnut bridge it coming back. for the last few months on 95, not an absolute mess but slow northbound, had a broken down vehicle approaching allegheny now gone and tonight is the night the southbound off ramp to aramingo closes until next june. can you get to the betsy ross bridge. a lane on the lincoln drive is blocked between green street and wayne avenue for the next nine days or so. stay on german town to get around it. supper sessions on the avenue, so german town is blocked throughout the evening. and a motorcycle crash in east coventry, avoid wells and bridge
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street gets you around it. highway 1 or black bird landing road is there. a pedestrian on delsy drive, stick with good intent road as an alternate there. >> good intent road. >> that is right. >> travel that more often. >> every day. an awkward moment on the campaign trail for donald trump. the slip from one of his high-profile supporters that created plenty of controversy. >> and controversy on the battleship new jersey, the words that people are waiting years to say and they finally had a chance and it held a new meaning today. >> temperatures run 10 degrees above normal on this final day of summer but i'm tracking unseasonably cool weather for a change and i'll let you know how low they drop in the full accuweather forecast.
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we have just a few week as way from the annual philadelphia heroes real show. and today we got quite a preview, the motorcycle drill team the philadelphia fanatic and more were there rallying folks to come to the event at the wells fargo center. proceeds go to pay for college
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for children of philadelphia police officers and firefighters killed in the line of duty. >> new at 5:00. three dozen news citizens took their pledges of allegiances in new jersey today. many call the garden state home, today they officially became americans, annie mccormick reports from camden. >> reporter: on board the battleship new jersey 42 people took an oath and became american citizens, one of the first thing they did was recite the pledge of allegiance. >> i applied and i was approved it's a great day. >> love this country and have been in this country for a long time. >> in 2015, 730,000 people naturalized. 34 thousand did it right here in new jersey. all of the new citizens here
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today already call new jersey home and for many this was a long process. >> 17 years. i have tried every way to stay legally in this country, like i told her, not even a single traffic ticket. so yes -- i'm a good citizen. >> in new jersey there is still time to register to vote and now all of these citizens they get the right, and for some that is one of the many reasons they want to be naturalized. >> there was a table for citizens to register to vote. >> it's a right and i can take advance of it, my president now. >> i am waiting for the day. >> yes, i am going to vote but i'm not saying who i will vote to. i have a choice. i did make my mind up. >> and international fashion duo
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showed off couture for a cure, the neiman marcus store host the the events this afternoon. models walked the runway with designs from baggily mitchka. >> and here on 6 abc a show is breaking new ground for network television. >> we haven't had a student before who has -- who is taller sitting down than any of us are standing up. >> we are done with the clapping. >> speechless follows a teenager with cerebral palsy and his family after a move to an up scale neighborhood. this centers on a character with disabilities speechless premiers tonight at 8:30 and modern family and blackish returns and
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health check tonight may erase of the effects of a healthy diet. women that had heart healthy fats had the same amount of inflammation in their bodies as if they poured on the fat. >> this is important because of cardiovascular disease and diabetes. >> to think that your body processes those things differently based on other things that are happening. is kind of a double whammy. leaders say that there is so important to manage stress in our lives to make sure we get quality down time. babies are far less likely to be allergic to eggs and peanuts if parents introduce the foods early on. a new survey shows in the uk
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sampling eggs 4 to 6 months and peanuts 4 to 11 months cuts allergies in half. they should not be whole. doctors used to tell people to hold off sometimes for years but they found that earlier exposure is better. kids with cancer got a boost today from councilman david o. and from alex's lemonade stand for children fighting the dangerous disease, and firefighters and victims that died were all honored. they passed a resolution for congress funding more research into a cure, it's childhood cancer awareness month. still to come on "action news" tonight. is a check of the forecast for you. taking you live outside at sky 6 hd in cape may, new jersey. it looks beautiful.
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three, two, one! . the 6 abc weather balloon. >> there you go, 6 abc took you live on "action news" morning our own karen rogers helped to launch the weather balloon, it may look like any other balloon but meteorologists around the world rely on the information
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these balloons collect to accurately forecast what is next in the area. >> we have modern technologies like satellites, but they are not in the atmosphere, weather balloons are key for getting the model that noah uses. >> how about that the balloon landed safely in buck county and tomorrow morning karen rogers will have the video captured by this weather balloon captured on its way up. that is tomorrow morning starting at 4:30 a.m. cecily tynan is at the "action news" big board. it was a nice clear morning for the balloon. >> we already have readings. it burst at the altitude 103,000 feet about 19 miles up. it records temperatures 76 below zero, we have 83 degrees below zero the lowest temperature
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records and maximum wind was 99 miles per hour and it was retrieved out of a tree 34 miles from the launch site. and this is one way that meteorologists, we look at this really every day, this is called a skew t plot it grabs it's information and weather blooms, and it shows it decreases with height and the wind speed increases with height and records the dew point and the pressure and that is the information also that is put in the computer models that helps our weather forecasting. today's weather is certainly on the warm side, 84 in philadelphia, and so far our high is 86, 10 degrees above normal. wilmington 84 and cape may with the winds off the ocean quite a bit cooler and 76. satellite 6 along with action radar showing we are still getting debris clouds from the remnantses of julia, clouds really thickest along the coast and a lot more breaks in the clouds in allentown and philadelphia seeing partly sunny
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skies and filtered sunshine and tonight clouds hang out at the coast and temperatures are warmer there and cape may 67 and the boardwalk in atlantic city 66 and philadelphia partly cloudy and 65 and the northwest suburbs clear skies and allentown 54 and reading 55 degrees. tomorrow's weather if you like today you'll like tomorrow fall officially arrives at 10:21 in the morning, it still feels like summer by noon up to 80 degrees 2:00 and 4:0084, and likely reaching the high of 86 at 4:00 in the afternoon and then temperatures dropping into the 70s by 8:00. the five-day at 5:00, tomorrow it fall but feels like summer, and friday the first full day of fall it's warm on the muggy side 88 degrees and temperatures 10 degrees cooler on saturday as the cold front passes through and that kicks up the winds and the homecoming game looking good for temple. and monday morning 53 in philadelphia and many suburbs
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dropping into the 40s in the morning and monday's afternoon high is 72 but there is a warm-up in the exclusive accuweather seven-day forecast. >> all right cecily thank you. quick break and more news when we come right back. does pat toomey speak for you? i also want to thank the nra for it's, uh, strong support for my campaign.
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pat toomey: he opposes an assault weapons ban and got an "a" rating from the nra. "i have had a perfect record with the nra." and on women's health? "i would support legislation in pennsylvania that would ban abortion, and i would suggest that we have penalties for doctors who perform them." pat toomey: does he really speak for you? senate majority pac is responsible for the content of this advertising.
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"action news" continues with meteorologist, adam joseph, rick williams and monica malpass. >> hello again, here is what it happening on "action news" tonight. the presidential nominees are at odds on both issues, that something needs to be done to stem the violence across the country. a thief targeted a local donut shop and got away with cash but likely didn't count on cameras capturing the whole crime. >> his dog tags were mailed to her from california. i'm nora muchanic i'll explain the whole story coming up next on "action news." all right we begin with politics tonight. 47 days until americans head to the polls to elect the next president of the united states and six days until hillary clinton and donald trump meet face-to-face for the debate.
5:31 pm
and the riots in charlotte will be a big topic. >> as they were today. >> we need to come together, black, latino and asian and all of us stop the violence. >> speaking to a crowd in orlando, hillary clinton says we have to do bet toward stem the tide of violence. >> in my opinion that was a terrible situation, we have seen others, and the police are aware of that too. by the way the police are troubled by it too. >> donald trump trying to earn the african-american vote, talked about how troubled he is by the shootings during his rally in cleveland, ohio. >> new poll numbers out in the last half hour, showing hillary clinton leading donald trump among likely voters nationwide 43% to 37%. and this is important news for the clinton campaign heading into that first presidential
5:32 pm
debate. stephanie ramos is following all the developments from the campaign trail in washington, d.c. >> reporter: good evening. you know there are only so many campaign events before the first presidential debate less than a week away, but hillary clinton and donald trump were still on the trail today. speaking with voters about the economy and the recent police shootings. donald trump and boxing promoter don king in the crucial state of ohio taking the message to church. >> if you are poor you are a poor -- using the word negro and then this -- but if you are dancing and sliding and gliding and [ bleep ] gasps and silence from the crowd but once trump was at the podium. >> only one don king. to the african-american community to the hispanic community and all communities, i
5:33 pm
want to just say we are going to make it right. >> trump hoping police in tulsa and charlotte make things right after recent police shootings. i'm a tremendous believer in police and law enforcement, because we need that ourselves. >> great people you always have problems you have someone in there that either makes a mistake that is bad or that chokes. >> for hillary clinton, before speaking about an economy that welcomes people with disables she too brought up the police shootings. >> it's unbearable and it needs to become intolerable. and she focused on creating opportunities for people with disabilities. >> i am going to fight to give people with disables a chance to work alongside those without disables and do the same jobs for the same pay and benefits. >> clinton will be in debate prep mode from here on leading up to the one-on-one with donald trump on monday night. but the clinton camp says their
5:34 pm
biggest concern is that donald trump may get easier questions from the debate moderator due to lower expectations for his performance. >> stephanie thank you. >> it seems voters are becoming increasingly wary of the presidential election, a majority of this year's voters are unhappy. 55% said they are disgusting by the election. and on the other side. 31% say they are interested in the contest and only 10% say they are actually excited. >> you can get breaking aearth wills from the campaign trail. from our app available now at the apple and google play stores. and david muir will have more coming up on what police are saying about both the shootings. watch that after "action news" at 6:00. police arrested the man that
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robbed a dunkin' donuts just days after releasing the surveillance video of the crime to the public. police arrested this man, barber, after a dunkin' donuts employee recognizes him hanging out in the area. it shows the robbery on the 3200 block of broad street and allegedly pointed the gun at the employee and took off with money from the cash register. from our delaware newsroom, three thieves helped themselves to multiple computers from the microsoft store at the christiana mall. the men stole several thousand dollars worth of computers and accessories back on september 10th. a treasured piece of a man as past is back with his family thanks to a stranger thousands of miles away. >> reporter: when linda piper opened the pack an and saw what was inside her heart just about
5:36 pm
stopped. >> touching something that belonged to him, it's still i'm like in shock. >> these are the dog tags her late husband terry wore when he served in the coast guard in vietnam, he died in 2008 and is not forgotten by his family or kim from central california, the president of an american legion auxiliary and found the dog tags out west and tracked down the family and made it her mission to return the lost tags to virginia. >> it was sad last week when i dropped them in the meal, i felt like we connected even though terry is not here. >> i am so glad, she is an angel. kim is an absolute angel. linda piper has no idea how her husband's dog tags ended up in
5:37 pm
an antique store. he lived there but was careful with his military memorabilia. >> something that she can hold in her hand is wonderful. >> it was almost a message from him that i am not coming back. i'm gone. so and it was time for me to move on. >> it was rewarding that i was able to find the family. back in california kim vincent continues looking for families for other dog tags she has found. >> i want them to experience the happiness i experienced when i got them. >> in robbinsville, i'm nora muchanic, channel 6 "action news." there is an effort underway to increase awareness about hunger in our community. philadelphia city councilman william greenly met at this shop-rite in hunting park it was help bag hunger day in many shop-rite stores, many peps
5:38 pm
including engine 59 and ladder 15, october is national hunger action month. time to get a check of the traffic scene midweek. matt pellman is here with the low down on the slow down. >> we are ending summer, the way we spend much of it in traffic on the schuylkill expressway eastbound side stuck here again this afternoon. getting on to the vine street expressway if you head to the phils game in south philadelphia, the eastbound travel time is more than double what it ideally should be and the vine will close on the schuylkill for overnight construction, should be open by tomorrow morning. in the last half hour we gave you the good news that the walnut lane bridge over the wissahickon creek is opening on monday. that is great news between roxborough and mt. airy. but lincoln drive work got underway restrictions on the residential portion of lincoln drive, i would stick with allens
5:39 pm
lane during it's rush hour our stay on german town avenue although tonight that is closed for supper sessions on the avenue. and keebler road reopened after three months being closed for bridge work and gulf roads closed at 8:00. rick and monica back over to you. >> all right thank you. see you tomorrow. it is one of the reasons that philadelphia is such a beautiful city because of its vast number of murals, what officials are doing to add color to south philadelphia. >> and one of abc's most anticipated dram as, it's a thriller we'll look at designated survivor coming up. and tomorrow we say good-bye to summer and the fall feeling returns over the weekend. we'll let you know how low the temperatures drop. in sports jaime apody has eagles and temple news and more coming up.
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and now what we get to see. we have four projects being created in a public art zone called murals at swanson walk, there are tours and live art experiences across the city. this year's pleural arts month is roots and risk. >> since day one, over three day decades ago creative risk is embedded in our roots. >> the mural arts program is the largest and created more than 4,000 artworks. members of the philadelphia phillies with latin routes helped to celebrate roberto clemente day. they did q&a with the kids and shared stories with their own personal experiences of overcoming the odds and making it to the big leagues and the philly phanatic was there to have fun with the children as well. how fun is that?
5:44 pm
they must have loved that. >> eagles have a big test coming off a short week but the steelers will be in town. >> they will be the toughest test so far by a long shot. what carson wentz has done as a rookie is impressive but it was the browns and it's bears, if he can get them to a win on sunday against the steelers that will be something. it's wentz against ben ro roethlisberg roethlisberger. he led the steelers in the afc championship. and doug peterson sees the similarity. >> the size and arm strength. carson probably a bit better athlete, moving around a little bit. >> watching big ben is always fun and intriguing the way the
5:45 pm
guy plays the game differently than other guys, he makes big plays. >> he is a really smart guy, a smart player, physically gifted, so i think all of that kind of helps him and his preparation is really good. >> eagles defense is good so far, they scored four turnovers in the first two games and pittsburgh will hold the biggest challenge yet. >> a heck of a group, match-ups all the way around. outside receivers antonio brown and tight end you got deangelo williams playing great. and a veteran guy in the hole and then ben, the leader back there, he will obviously make everything happen. i'm excited for the challenge and i think everybody else is. >> former temple star tyler will be in town to face the steelers this weekend while his old team tries to get back to .500.
5:46 pm
temple beat them 37-3 last season, it was not as easy as the score made it seem. the owls only led by 7 at the half. i had a chance to catch up with coach rule. >> for you guys and your players to know, it is a team you did blowout last year 37-3 and they are 1-2 like you guys, what is the key this year to say matching that score or intensity against them? >> being really excited to play and play at home and play at homecoming, playing charlotte a conference usa team. you sit here and lost last week, that is a tough pill to swallow, the only time you lose you have to get it out of your system and fine a way to win. >> we'll have more with coach rule this saturday morning at 9:45 here on channel 6. and the phillies try to make it a two game sweep against the white sox. as a mom i get teary when my
5:47 pm
boys bring home a picture, but i can't imagine if they make the major leagues outs there. what do you think mancini's mom felt like. his first hit is a home run. understandably mom goes a bit nuts in the stands. she is entitled. after tray takes a curtain call, comes to give the shocked mom the ball. >> all of though tears, the practice and little league. >> maybe one day. >> your youngest kid has an arm. >> my oldest one will be the mascot. >> a new political thriller premiers tonight on 6 abc at 10:00. it's called designated survivor. and kiefer southerland is the one survivor who assures our
5:48 pm
government will continue if catastrophe strikes. >> mr. president they will meet us at the white house -- >> sir, you are now the president of the united states. >> so it's unthinkable as happened, it's president and vice president and congress have died during a terrorist attack during the state of the union address and kirkman must decide how to move the country forward. >> what do you want me to do general declare war or not. they showed me the nuclear football i have had it long enough to try it out. >> president kirkman will try to heal the country and keep his own family from falling apart. the start of designated survivor premiering at 10:00 p.m. >> talk about an exciting night of television with the goldbergs at 8:00 and speechless at 8:30 and the season premier of blackish and then designated survivor at 10:00 and "action
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introducing longhorn's great american steak dinner for $12.99. perfectly seasoned sirloin with your choice of side. plus an appetizer or a dessert. only at longhorn steakhouse. you can't fake steak. atlantic city has a chance to shine on new year's eve. we don't know who it will be but a major act will tie in to the
5:52 pm
new year's eve rockin eve. it airs here on 6 abc. exciting. >> could be me and cecily doing a duet. >> that hall would empty out in two seconds. >> record time. >> her dancing and your singing, that is enough. >> for five minutes it would be funny. >> the weather is beautiful for the last day of summer, as we look at stormtracker 6 live double scan high clouds through much of the day especially south and east of philadelphia, north and west brighter during the day and that is where temperatures warmed back into the middle 80s. in fact the numbers are on the rise again as we close out the summer season, it was 76 on monday, and remember that monday was the rainy day and 86 degrees running 10 degrees above normal which is 76. we are in the 70s right now
5:53 pm
along the shore with the east-northeasterly wind coming in off the water, if you think about heading to the shore for the weekend another beautiful one on tap, get out and hit the surf, 82 and 81 in reading and wilmington sitting at 84, as we look down the pike of i-95, we are dealing with the remnantses of you'll yeah, the precipitation has not moved at all and high clouds streaming north of that system here just to the south of williamsport and eventually the system breaks apart and heads to the south and that brings in drier air as we go through the rest of week. tonight partly cloudy and patchy fog developing in the outlying suburbs, 59 in the suburbs and 68 for center city, and the numbers run 10 degrees above average for lows as well but the humidity is not all that high. the autumnal equinox arrives here tomorrow morning at 10:21 a.m., the official arrival of
5:54 pm
fall when the sun's ray as are directly over the equator and as we go into fall we lose daylight as the tilt of the sun changes. low humidity 86 degrees tomorrow. a nice day to say good-bye to summer and hello to fall. despite it's 10 degrees above normal. and a front to the north, this cold front will mean business with fresh high pressure working over the great lakes but it doesn't arrive in time for friday and friday a touch more humid ahead of the front moving the temperatures to 88 degrees and a weekend blast of fall, and it will be just in time for the eagles, so really good football weather here, on sunday 4:25 p.m. and sunny and beautiful, north-northeastly win and kickoff 71 and by the fourth quarter, 66 degrees against the steelers, it's exclusive accuweather forecast 86 and warm and comfy here for your thursday
5:55 pm
and friday as the front comes through a scattered shower but most areas stay dry, a good 10 degree drop in temperature come saturday and breezy when continue tot tumble the temperatures on sunday at 72 degrees and a fall start on monday with a nice finish low 70s and tuesday and wednesday temperatures in the 70s. closer to norm in the forecast. very nice, that my opinion.
5:57 pm
right now the "action news" team is standing by with these stories next at 6:00. we follow breaking news in south jersey where a police officer allegedly under investigation was found dead. and philadelphia police are investigating whether one of their own was involved in a road rage incident. and a scary sight in delaware county as neighbors found a
5:58 pm
snake that looked like a cobra on the loose. i'm monica malpass join me next for "action news" at 6:00. >> good night. as prosecutors, we checked out pat toomey's record... and we saw a guy who has our backs. toomey crossed party lines to support background checks.... that keep guns out of the hands of criminals and terrorists. true independence,
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and real guts. that's how pat toomey is helping us, keep you safe. senator pat toomey, the best choice to protect pennsylvania. independence usa pac is responsible for the content of this advertising. "action news" delaware valley's leading news program. with ducis rogers, meteorologist cecily tynan, and jim gardner. wednesday night and jim is off i'm monica malpass and the big story on "action news" is a breaking update to a story we brought you on "action news" yesterday. a trenton k-9 officer caught up in a prostitution investigation
6:00 pm
is dead. nora muchanic joins us with more. >> reporter: officials have confirmed that the police officer ed leepardy took his own life committing suicide at his home. he lives in franklin township gloucester county and spent two decades on the police force and was a committee man and former mayor of franklin. he was under investigation for allegedly bringing a prostitute into the building, the building occupied on east state street. ernie perry confirmed the investigation yesterday but would not reveal details. there was a heavy police presence at his house with a number of police and police vehicles and the gloucester county democrat's website says that he also served as a volunteer firefighter and emt and little league coa a


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